Men are nowadays more interested to have intimate relationship with trans girls and also various sex and porn related industries are also full of such people, and they are becoming quite popular too.

Therefore, if you wish to enjoy sex with a trans escort and also you want to make her happy with your performance in bed, then you must know the following.

  • Always start with creative foreplay

To provide maximum satisfaction during the sex act, whether your bed partner is a real woman or a trans woman, it is very essential that you must start with foreplay. A good foreplay can turn a satisfying sex to a mind-blowing experience.

Before the sex act, real arousal is very much necessary. Also, the same foreplay may not excite, if you like to repeat the act. Therefore, you need to be little creative when you indulge in foreplay.

Before penetration, foreplay can also please the trans girl and she will try to do everything to make you happy.

  • Caress unexpected areas

Often men are tempted to go immediately for those obvious areas where ultimate arousal can take place during foreplay, but if you really want to please your trans girl partner then you must try certain unexpected areas and then see how that will make them feel.

With this act, not only will it give your body more time to get arousal but also it can unlock few new areas that you never thought could be really sexy.

Encourage your shemale escort to excite you by kissing, touching, sucking and licking on few less-common areas, so that you too can get horny, for example let her caress your earlobes, provide a head massage, caress on hips, hands and neck.

Tingling touching can arouse you. Start talking dirty and then your trans girl will also tell you about various naughty things that she will do to you. This will make you harder and more aroused and you can please her better.

  • Turn up the Heat

Few men get turned on by looking at beautiful and sexy lacy lingerie or perhaps few like their trans girl clad entirely with latex. So, you must tell her your choice.

Many men may get aroused, if certain unexpected areas are sucked e.g. nipples or offer kiss before they start pulling your penis. Often sucking your penis or your sucking her penis can also turn up the heat.

If you can make your partner horny and also you get sufficiently horny then the type of orgasm you will get can be the best one of your life. Make sure that your trans escort gets sensual with you so that you can get best sex experience.

  • Prefer more for giving her the bottom experience

With trans woman, you have a choice either to be at bottom and get penetrated or you penetrate them by keeping her at the bottom. However, most trans girls prefer you to be on top and penetrate them.

If you like to be at the bottom, then you must ask her whether she is ready for that.

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